• Robin Pehle

Why hire a Realtor to list your house?

I have met many people who have wanted to or tried to list their own house and eventually, as they become more frustrated that there was no offer coming close to what they are asking, only people looking at their house, not buying? Why?

Realtors work diligently to show a Homeowner what the market is doing currently.

For each and every Client, Realtors create a CMA, go and check out active listings, see what has sold in the area, and tour the possible listing, put together a presentation for Owner as well as order and O&E for each property. All of this information will help the Homeowner understand the market, what's sold in the area, and what they can possibly consider listing their property for. Understanding what Buyers will pay for a property such as theirs is critical in pricing a house. Many have been surprised at how much other properties like theirs have sold for. As a Realtor that set an appointment, that is my job to do the work to find this out and offer this information to the Homeowner. Helping Homeowners in this process is a service that we do to earn their trust and business.

For all of my Clients, I hire a Professional Photographer to take great pictures. Poor quality pictures, poor lighting in a house, odd angles, blurry pictures do not properly display the great qualities of each property. This is a must and I pay for it out of my pocket, as part of my service to each Client. Commissions and other items are all negotiable.

I list this house on the MLS and other websites so that there is maximum exposure to Buyers

I create a featured listing page on my website and email it to all of the local Realtors

Set up Broker open houses and invite everyone in the area to see the listing, Inform all of the neighbors that there will be an open house and host it and advertise it, you never know if a Neighbor might know someone who is looking for a house to buy.

Listing your house takes staging, marketing experience.

Also, I should mention that safety is very important: we as Realtors also put lockboxes on each property to protect the Owners.

Realtors screen our Buyers before we show the house and we stay with them so the Homeowner is also protected.

Most of the time, we bring Pre Qualified Buyers to the property as well, so any can make an offer on the property.

Homeowners do have a much better chance of selling their house for market value when a Realtor is working with them then they do on their own. Realtors really do take a lot of time to help Homeowners get the best possible price for their property.

After offering all of the above to our Clients, marketing, signage, negotiations, staging, CMA, Professional photos, lockboxes for safety, advice all along the way in the process, our value is seen by each Client we serve.

It is a privilege and honor to help Homeowners sell their property.


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