• Robin Pehle

V.A. Loan Myths

Many Buyers and their Agents feel that it is not in their Client's best interest to use their VA benefits to buy a house but I will show you here why they are wrong.

1. V.A. does offer a new home build loan, you can pick a lot and build a house of your choose!

2. Wells, Cistern, and springs are not a problem if they are usually found in an area you are buying a house. You will need to have the water tested but you can buy a house with a well or even a Cistern. Don't let this stop you!

3. If you want to buy a fixer-upper, you can with a V.A. loan! There will be items you can perform and some you will need to hire a professional for but you can buy a house and fix it up to live in!

4. You do still need to make the property you buy your home but you can buy up to a 4-plex, and live in one of the units and rent out the other units! You just need to qualify for the loan for that property. It can be yours with a V.A. loan!

If you have questions, please contact a seasoned Loan Officer in your area to sit and discuss your options! You will be surprised that there are not any more obstacles with a V.A. Loan than any other type of loan and there is no down payment with a V.A. loan! and the interest rate for a V.A. loan is low and sometimes lower than other types of loans.

You defended our country, this is your benefit! Please seriously consider using this type of loan before you buy a house. You will be happy that you did! Thank you for your service!

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