• Robin Pehle

5 mistakes Buyers make!

In my experience as a Buyer Agent:

1. Buyers should -Go and check out the county records for any type of permits that have been paid for by the Owners, current or past. This step is important! Don't expect your Agent to do all of the work for you! You can see these online, or by going to the county clerks office to inquire! You can see maps, blueprints, and everything that has been filed on any property!

2. Ask the current Owners if they will share any past surveys, assessments, inspection reports in your offer for their property. Sometimes this will help you!

3. Hire a detailed home inspector. In Colorado, they do not need to be licensed but if they are experienced in building, they will be worth their weight in gold!

4. Ask for the chimney to be cleaned prior to closing. We have hired experienced chimney sweeps in the past and they were very helpful so we could use our fireplace as soon as we moved in if we moved in the winter!

5. Attend the home inspection! This is your chance to ask your home inspector about anything they find in the new home that may or may not be worth discussing with the current Owners. Also, ask if what they find is minor. Houses are sold as-is, and the Buyers need to make themselves aware and know what they are buying. Please don't ask a Seller for things that are so minute that you are able to fix with a screwdriver! You will be happier with accepting that the house is a work in progress! and sometimes just needs to be loved.

Happy House Hunting! I am always happy to help you find that dream home! Give me a call!

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